Compliance Vs Security

Data breaches against large corporations are not anything new; however, in both 2014 and 2015 data breaches hit the world by surprise by the mainstream media coverage. Often executive leadership in any corporation has to determine their approach toward handling information security. The big question of compliance vs security! When information security is viewed as… Read More »

SSL vs TLS History Lesson

Secure Sockets Layer, the industry standard for secure communication over an unprotected network internally or externally is in danger. Created in 1994 by Netscape, the secure sockets layer, SSL, was launched to protect web-based traffic on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. SSL itself is two protocols per session. There is the record protocol, at the session… Read More »

Hacktivism Definition and Examples

Hacktivism, hacker activists, has altered the landscape of political discourse and advocacy. It is meant as a tool to influence national and foreign policies with the Internet’s easy availability to mainstream society grew a political fever between both the sides of the hacker ethical spectrum (Schell & Martin, 2006). Hacktivists use the Internet to engage… Read More »

Hacker Culture Explored

Mainstream media portrays the wrong definition of whom and what a hacker does. Commonly mainstream media would define it as a person who maliciously cracks software and or passwords for their own personal self-financial or political gain. According to Schell & Martin, 2006:  “In the positive sense of the word, a hacker is an individual… Read More »

Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control is a very practical security method. Biometrics in access control is using human characteristics to authenticate someone to being able to access system information. Your fingerprint readers are the most common biometric devices in mass production. It is practical to implement fingerprint readers biometric access control because fingerprints cannot be loaned out, forgotten,… Read More »