SSL Convergence TLS MITM

Let’s take a history dive into Secure Sockets Layer SSL and learn more about it before covering the solution of SSL Convergence, which helps mitigates against TLS MITM. Secure Sockets Layer, the industry standard for secure communication over an unprotected network internally or externally is in danger. Created in 1994 by Netscape, the secure sockets layer, […]


Methodology of Crack Full Disk Encryption You just turned off your computer and hard drive is fully encrypted you could hand over your laptop to anyone and the information would be perfectly safe; however, that is incorrect. Most security experts assume that a computer’s memory is erased almost immediately when it loses power, or that […]


One of the greatest leaps in computers occurred when DOS was created. It not only gave an interface for the user to interact with the hardware and software of the system, but it lead to the operating systems of today. DOS was a command-line driven operating system in which could call and run a variety […]

Step by Step Penetration Testing

This test involves a vulnerable Ubuntu Linux server sitting in a DMZ acting as our entry point, one Windows server acting as a vulnerable server segmented from direct internet access and a “secure” Debian 6 Linux server with a vulnerable web site running. By using the penetration testing methodology, we will see a step by […]

Justin Amash CISA

Justin Amash CISPA “On Thursday, April 18, I voted no on H.R. 624, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). This year’s version includes marginal improvements over last year’s bill, which I also opposed, but these changes don’t go far enough to protect people’s private data, and many of the bill’s most significant problems remain unaddressed. Like last […]